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Entry date: 9-18-2023 – Monday, Monday, Monday – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Friday and Melanie made it to Dirk’s party after all. True to their plan, they hit the “World Famous” Whisky-a-go-go around 9pm. The Consumers, a band from Phoenix of all places, were just hitting the stage. Friday had heard about these guys from her cousin, Julie, who knew about all the punk rock bands.

Unfortunately, Melanie just didn’t pick up what the Consumers were laying down. If she had lived long enough, Melanie would have loved the New Wave genre that got big a few years later. Unfortunately, she did not get there.

Friday thought the band was amazing, but during the brief set change right before the Cramps came on, Melanie threw a hissy fit when drunk guy with a mohawk bumped into her and caused her to spill her drink. She looked at Friday with the “Let’s go. NowI” look and that was that. It was off the hills to meet up with Dirk.

Even though it was a week night, the hills were alive with people partying. Loud music was playing from every direction as the girls found their way to the address Dirk had shared. Melanie’s Volvo, which had once been her mother’s, made the cutest sound as it wound its way up the narrow, hillside road. Eventually, they saw a Tiki torch next to a mailbox with an address matching the one Friday had written down.

Cars lined the two-lane road and eventually the gals found a place to park. As they walked back down to the house, Melanie kept going on and on about the spilt drink. Luckily for Friday, she was walking about a half step behind and her friend could not see her rolling her eyes.

Friday decided to change the subject.

“I hope those producers are here.”

“What are they doing, again?” asked Melanie.

“Some sort of comedy thing, but filmed like it’s a documentary.”

“Sounds like something Saturday Night Live would do,” added Melanie.

“Either way, seems like a good time. Dirk said they were looking for a girl like me,” said Friday.

“Maybe they need girls like us,” said Melanie.

The two passed by the tiki torch and walked toward the front door. The music was loud and it sounded like a lot of people were in there having a good time.

“Lude time?” Melanie asked.

“Not yet, babe. Let’s scope out the scene. The night is young,” laughed Friday.

“You’re right. I’m just ready to get fucked up,” replied Melanie as she opened the 8-foot-tall front door to the house.

Dirk was standing in the conversation pit with two thug-ish looking gentlemen.

“LADIES! …Mel! …Friday! Get your butts down here,” he shouted.

The two guys Dirk was talking to turned and looked at Melanie and Friday. The smaller of the two, Vincent Trantella, arched his eye brow at the sight of Friday. If he had remembered to bring contracts with him, he would have signed her on the spot, but she didn’t like the look in his eye at all.

“Let’s go,” said Melanie.

“I don’t know, babe. I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” Friday responded.

“You’re crazy,” said Melanie.


See you tomorrow.

Random home in "The Hills."

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