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Entry date: 9-20-2023 – Wednesdays are for Lovers of Guts (and The Bet) – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Yesterday morning I had this brilliant idea for something to write about today and, of course, I have spaced it. I hate doing that. I even thought I should make a note on my phone but was like, “Oh, no. This is too good. I won’t forget it.”

I justify those moments by saying that they are sacrifices to the Gods of creativity. Lost riffs that weren’t recorded, brilliant story or poem ideas. Sometimes they come back, but I think the ones from yesterday are gone for good.

The power of words is strong, even when you can’t remember what they are.


Deep inside my brain lives my love for you.

I could be romantic and say it’s my heart, but that only pumps blood.

My brain is where you live.

I think of you all the time.

You had my heart, of course, and you can still have it

And all it’s blood pumping and sorting and such,

But what good is it to you now?

You are gone and I’m still here.

Deep inside my brain are the times we shared.

The feel of your fingers as they touched mine.

The way you tossed your hair back when you laughed.

Little jokes only we understood or cared to tell.

It’s all there.

Soon, I will only live in someone else’s brain.

They’ll have this, though, to remember us both by.

If you set your clock, we can begin again.

New, fresh, and ready.

Deep inside my brain I know it’s true.


“What’s that?” Melanie asked as she looked at Vincent Trantella’s left hand.

“Oh, this,” he said as he waggled his fingers like a three-year-old saying he wanted four pieces of toast. On Trantella’s pinky was a diamond-encrusted horse shoe nestled into a thick gold band.

“Yeah, man. What’s that? You into horses?” Melanie continued.

“No, sweetheart. I ain’t into horses unless they are running at the track. This is my lucky ring. I bet you don’t know where I got it?”

It sounded like Trantella almost chewed each word as they came out of his mouth.

“I don’t know, man,” Melanie said.

“Don’t fall for that shit,” said Bobby Valencia with a laugh.

Valencia and Trantella were partners. They had made a few movies together already and were looking for talent on a warm, June night in the Hollywood Hills.

“He’s bullshitting you, Mel,” said Dirk. “He’s going to have you make some wild guess and then say, ‘On my hand.’”

“My dad used to use that joke on me,” Melanie said.

“He’s old enough to be your dad, babe,” interjected Friday. She was not digging the vibe of these guys at all. Dirk was going to have make this up to here in a big way. She was missing The Cramps for this dumb party.

“I’m not old enough to be anyone’s dad. At least not that I know of,” joked Trantella.

The five of them talked for a bit longer before Dirk brought up the movie.

“Vince, tell the girls about the flick you guys are making.”

“It’s going to be a hit, ladies. This is the best script I’ve ever seen. Fucking hysterical, really. Have either of you been in a comedy yet?”

“I did a pilot for a show with Martin Mull last year,” said Friday. “It was really funny, but it didn’t get picked up. Mel’s been in a few, though.”

“Yeah, I was an extra in Kentucky Fried Movie and had a couple lines in Heroes with Fonzie,” shared Melanie.

“Great flick,” said Valencia.

“Which one?” Friday asked.

Heroes. Love Henry Winkler. We should see if he can do a part in Jimmy’s Brain, Vince,” said Valencia.

“I already reached out. He’s not available,” said Trantella before adding, “That’s why we got Aidan.”

This made Friday’s heart stop. Was he talking about Aidan Mann? Friday had a mad crush on Aidan Mann and was not ashamed to admit that she’d tried really hard to get his attention a few months earlier at a party in Beverly Hills. She’d failed miserably, but not without making him laugh.

“He’s great,” Friday said.

“I bet you’d like to meet him,” said Trantella as he fiddled with his horseshoe ring.


See you tomorrow.

That was a fun show.

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