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Entry date: 9-3-2023 – Random Sunday Stuff (and The Bet) – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Just got home from a nice lunch and short excursion into the wild with Michael and Tom. We had some excellent Chinese food At George Yang’s on 16th Street, just north of Bethany Home. I will definitely go back there again.

After lunch, we took a little side trip over to Best Buy, which I hadn’t been to in well over a year. I used to really enjoy that store and would even use it to kill time a lot in the past. I like looking at records and movies. They don’t have a lot of that stuff now. Technology has changed the way it presents itself.

This afternoon is going to be spent doing as close to nothing as possible. It is decided.


This morning I finished Fairy Tale by Stephen King. Rhondi was sharing the audible book as we drove down the mountain to Portland on our last day in Maine back in July and it hooked me right in. I bought it the day after coming home from Bookman’s and, for the last couple of weeks, have been reading it sparingly because I didn’t want it to end.

I think any fans of a good story would enjoy this. It’s not scary, per se, but it has King’s fingerprints all over it. I love how that man creates a world and the world of Fairy Tale is quite engrossing. Supposedly a film will be made of this one. Should be interesting to see how they do it.


Marcy woke up a little after 2pm after sleeping for almost five hours. The house was quiet. Paul was probably on his way to pick up the kids from school. Marcy thought about how they would be upset about Jonathan and fresh tears welled in her eyes.

Paul was so much better at this stuff than she was.

Marcy could patch up all the scrapes and cuts and knew just how to make a fuzzy stomach feel better, but when it came to the tough conversations, Paul was the man. He just had a way of making things that didn’t make sense seem like they made sense.

Even though Jonathan was old enough to die in his sleep, he just never seemed like he was sick or weak at all. Only a few weeks prior, he was chasing the kids around the front yard and keeping up with them pretty well. They had all been laughing so hard that day.

Tears spilled down Marcy’s cheek. Was this all her fault?

She decided to take a quick shower. On a regular day, she would have done this immediately after getting home. She often said she was going to “wash the hospital off of her,” but this morning was not a usual morning. This morning she had sunk into guilt-filled dreams of Jonathan being lost in the hospital basement.

There was a half-dozen texts from Greg when she looked at her phone. The last of them just said, “CALL ME PLEASE.”

Marcy figured Greg just wanted to talk more about meeting Aidan, so she decided to get her shower done first to be ready for when the kids got home. Greg could wait.

While she showered, she thought about how Jonathan’s eyes had been in her dream. Even after being awake for over half an hour, the dream still seemed so real. Could he have “woken up?”

This last thought was followed quickly by “I’m losing my mind.” She even said it out loud as the water hit her squarely in the face.

“I’m losing my fucking mind. God damn that stupid fucking movie.”

She had wanted to get rid of it before, but now she knew it had to go. When she went downstairs, she was going to get the box and throw it away. Maybe that would break the spell. Maybe that would save them all.


See you tomorrow.

2018. Hard to believe that five years have already passed since this happened.

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