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Entry date: 9-9-2023 – Super Saturday Gigante – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was a day.

I don’t know what it is about short weeks, but my students just couldn’t keep it together. That’s something I have to own. As I reflect on the week, I didn’t give them enough variety nor enough to do, I guess. Next week I will concentrate on keeping things crisp and flowing.

There were a lot of positive things about the week, too. I got an award during our staff meeting on Wednesday. It was recognition from our assistant principal for being good at going with the flow. She’s been bringing some younger students, Kindergarten sometimes, and some 1st graders to my classroom to show them what the older kids are up to and how to behave. Luckily, each time she has brought kids to my room, we’ve been working diligently.

I also diffused a situation for one of the art teachers who had a little gal melting down while I was on my lunch break. I was walking to the bathroom to take a leak and saw one of her other students running in the hallway. I got them slowed down and the art teacher came out and told me she had a student who was freaking out.

I just used a little Jedi mind trick on the kid and got her to calm down enough to tell me what she wanted. Then we brainstormed how she could get what she wanted and still make amends with the teacher. It was all over quickly, and I got to take my piss.

Next week I get to prepare for my first of two evaluations for this year. I’m going to try teaching a math lesson this time (last year was a reading lesson). I love math, but truth be told, I don’t know how effective I am at teaching it. Numbers come pretty easily to me, and I get frustrated when my students don’t pick it up after I’ve shown them how to do the problems ten or twelve different times.

They just don’t seem to want to hear it when I say, “You can’t do it that way. I won’t work.”

That’s enough work talk.


We knocked out two songs in the studio last night. It felt really good. I had to push past my comfort zone a little bit and that felt good, too. I wasn’t really sure how to sing either song, but I think one turned out really good and the other one might need another pass today. I might need to kind of purge the original vocals from my head and just do it the way I would do it.

Either way, it’s always good to make music with Michael and Bobby. I’ll miss it, for sure.


I’m thinking out loud here, but I realized on Thursday night that I often post pictures that have a really good story behind them. I thought maybe I would try storytelling from a different angle and write about what is/was going on in the pictures. Not sure when I will start, but I think it might be a new section of the old ergonomic mischief.


Last night, I made a rude comment about Elon Musk on twitter. It was way less aggro than a few things I’ve done on there, including the time I made a meme that basically called Kyrsten Sinema a cunt. Maybe I should have called her a "basic" cunt. I was given a 12-hour ban from Twitter, or X, or whatever it is called now. I wonder if I can stretch it out to something a little longer. Maybe Elon will let the Russians bomb me.

All I said was that he should be strung up by the place where he thinks his balls are. I was responding to a tweet talking about how Elon screwed the Ukranian Army over.

Fuck that guy.


Hillbilly Devilspeak plays in Tempe tonight with our buds, Bright Sunshine (who are totally fucking cool) and another band with some buds in it, Joint Chief. I haven’t been back to the Time Out Lounge since I got into a little spat with this scene dude who isn’t very cool. We will slay the day (and night), though. Cool new song in the mix, too.


See you tomorrow.

OG Devilspeak. 1995.

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