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Enty date: 8-25-2023 – Is it Really Friday? (and The Bet) – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I interviewed Steve Kilbey from The Church last night. Super interesting, funny, forthright guy. I was never really a big fan, but I am now. I had no idea how prolific the guy is and what a treat to get to explore such a large catalog.

There was also a breakthrough this week with one of my students. He would get so pissed at me any time I redirected him. It was like he had this giant attitude (in a very small package) and would mad dog me for telling him to be quiet. I messaged his parents and voila! Different kid yesterday. Let’s see how today goes.

Yesterday, on the whole, was a pretty good day. Nice day at work, good interview, and bed at a decent hour. What more could you ask for? To elaborate on the more part would be ungentlemanly. Only about six weeks to go before I see my gal.


Damon Landers hated going down to the morgue. He didn’t have to do it very often, but every time he did, it creeped him out. He would talk with his girlfriend, Heather, about how weird the energy was down there in the basement of the hospital. The worst part, he would always add, was the ride down there in the elevator with the “Stiff.”

Landers called them “Stiffs” quite a bit. He used this term with the other orderlies, and it was kind of a running joke. “Looks like the lady in B213 is on the way to stiff town,” was something he would say when no one who could fire him was in earshot.

On the morning in question, he got the call from his boss that Doctor LaMonde (aka Greg to Marcy and Paul) had a body that needed an escort. Landers liked Dr. LaMonde a lot. He seemed to have a good sense of humor and didn’t have the same stick up his ass as many of the docs.

As Landers got down the ER, he spied Dr. LaMonde standing near the triage desk and walked over to him.

“I hear you have a live one for me, Doc,” he said.

“Yep, Damon. He’s just down the hall. Such a shame. He’s a friend of Marcy’s,” replied Greg.

Landers slapped his poker face on as he thought about Nurse Marcy. He knew that Dr. LaMonde was her buddy and didn’t want him to see what he was really thinking. Landers had wanted to do nasty things to Marcy for a long time and even thought that his gal, Heather, looked a little like her.

“Oh man, that sucks. Is she here? I’d like to let her know I will take good care of her friend, Doc.”

“No, they just left.”

“Damn. Well, I’ll still take good care of her friend. Anything else you need, Doc?”

Greg just shook his head no and headed off to check on another patient.

Landers thought about how he’d like to take good care of Nurse Marcy, too, and he headed over to the room. When he got in the room, he took a quick peek at the body. Nice lookin’ old guy, he thought. Doesn’t even look dead. Just looks like he is sleeping deeply.

Once the brakes on the gurney were taken off, Landers began pushing it out of the room and down the hall towards the elevator to the basement. There were no treatment bays between the room and the elevator, so Landers didn’t need to be careful about anyone seeing that he was transporting a stiff.

Usually, he would be freaked out being alone with a dead body, but something felt different about this guy. Maybe it is the way he just seems to be asleep, Landers thought. The dread he had felt fifteen minutes earlier was almost gone.

As the elevator door swung open, Landers mind had already gone back to the thought of lifting up Marcy’s shirt and getting a real look at the beauties she was hiding behind her scrubs. A little grin had come over his mouth and he didn’t notice that there had been a slight movement underneath the sheet in front of him.

Landers reached over the stiff and touched the B on the control panel. The door began to close. He waited for the elevators slow descent down to the basement to begin, but the elevator didn’t move.

“What the fuck,” Landers said to no one in particular. He reached over and hit the “B” again.

The elevator stayed stuck for another ten seconds, but then lurched downward. It almost seemed to tilt forward and Landers lost his balance momentarily. He awkwardly put his hand down on the stiff’s shoulder.

“Ouch,” came the muffled response from the corpse and Damon Landers shit his pants.


Have a great Friday.

See you tomorrow.


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