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This was a good time...

A few years ago, my friends, Brian and Maggie, asked me to DJ a shin dig they were doing at the Alamo Drafthouse Movie theater out in Tempe. They were celebrating the release of some short films they produced that were based on some writing Brian had done. It was really cool, and I was stoked to do the gig.

Teresa went with me, and we had a good time. Everyone was stoked to meet her, and I think she was genuinely impressed with how nice everyone was at the event. Stevie D was there, too, and thinking about it makes me remember how much I miss that guy.

I spun some records before and after the films. I wish I could have kept track of what I played. I mean, I could have written them down, but I don’t ever do that. I love DJ-ing completely in the moment if that makes sense. The only parameters I give myself are the records I take.

A few things got reactions from the crowd, though, and that’s always good. I remember one lady who I had never met before came up because of something I played, and we had a good conversation. She was very impressed with Teresa, too. These are the moments where I really get to feel the whole “Proud Dad” thing and I treasure them. I’m always a proud dad, but when someone you’ve never met sees how cool your kids are, it just rules.

Teresa and I were pretty taken with the posters in the theater for the IT movie that was about to come out. We talked a lot about going to see it. In fact, it might have been the first weekend IT (part 1) was out. There were a lot of people there in clown get ups, if I remember correctly.

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