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Entry date: 1-29-2023 - That Old Feeling - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

What a gloriously stressful day yesterday was for me. Yes, that's right, for once here at a ergonomic mischief-land it is all about me.

Shirley is jesting again.

The day started off great. We had a nice walk and things were looking up. I dropped Liam off for his soundcheck and ran a couple errands before meeting Ryan for lunch. Lots of stuff accomplished before noon.

Ryan shared some tough news with me but he's handling it as well as he can and I'm very proud of him. I just hope he knows how many people are in his corner and are happy to support him. We went to Liam's show after lunch and were joined by lots of family, blood and otherwise.

It was great to see a nice turnout to support his band and the young man didn't disappoint. He has great stage presence for someone who is fifteen and he shreds, too. He eve played some keyboard on a couple of songs.

It was a proud day to see my oldest and youngest handling themselves on a higher level than I could have at their respective ages. I was feeling great.

The afternoon took a turn, though.

I dropped Liam and his girlfriend off for a little post-show food and came home for a bit. I was bringing in some stuff from the car and left the front door open. This allowed Chinso, Ashton's cat, a chance to escape. He was gone for hours.

I went to bed last night feeling like the worst dad. So crazy how parenting can take you all over the map in a few hours. Luckily, Rhondi told me this morning that he returned in the night.

So, I can focus on putting on a good show tonight after all. I have missed being excited to play music. It's been over a year since I have been really stoked for a gig. I feel bad, but I wasn't really excited about the last couple I have done. I didn't prepare the way I should have for either of them, looking in hindsight, but we are ready for tonight.

Now that I am not a cat loser (potentially), I can focus in getting it all together for a brief Rock spectacle this evening. Our set is short and powerful.

I can't wait.

Shane and I rocking years ago as a two-piece.

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