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Entry date: 2-26-2023 - Sunday Fun Day - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Had a really nice evening last night with our friends. Dinner and soaked my feet in their hot tub. Played some Hearts, too, which was a lot more fun than playing the 'computer' on my phone. Was good to teach the young'uns a new game, too.

After a pretty decent night's sleep, we had a little Father Figures practice this morning and then had lunch with my friend, Dot. It was a nice lunch and good to catch up. Now I am watching the recording of the Suns game and taking a little break before I pull some weeds.

I realize that today's blog is more of a social media post. Lame on my part. Apologies to you, dear reader.

Tomorrow I will tell you a better story.

See you then.

A little blast from the past.

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