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Entry date: 4-4-2023 - Guitars and such (and the Bet) - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Last night I was sitting there, minding my own business, and a cat knocked over one of my guitars. It was the first electric I bought, way back in 1992 or so, and it hitting the floor caused a split in the head stock that goes down into the neck. The guitar is fucked.

This guitar has a lot of sentimental value to me, even though it has never really worked the way I hoped it would. I bought it for a couple hundred bucks from a pawnshop that my old friend, Jerry, worked at back in the day. It always had a weird buzzing that would happen between some of the pickups and no matter who looked at it, it just didn't work right.

Either way, though, I am bummed. Stupid cat. We can't have nice things.


My motivation right now is not great. I think the coughing is taking it's toll on me.


Marcy was not upset with anyone. She had just never realized how much she tried to talk people into things. It would be one thing if she was a sales person of some sort or a boss, but she was neither. She was a nurse and, from what she heard from quite a few people, she was a damned good one.

At work, she was not pushy. She was a good listener and cared greatly for her patients. In fact, she had won the caregiver of the month award many times at her hospital. She was not pushy at all, she thought.

But the kids, on the other hand, had seemed to jump right in on Paul's side. That made Marcy pause a bit. She began to take a little inventory.

Sure, she thought, she did occasionally try to convince people to watch Jimmy's Brain. It was a good movie, though, and no one had ever seen it. How could she be the only one, she always wondered. It was her mission to let people know of it's brilliance.

And everyone always, at very least, liked it. How could she deprive people she cared about of enjoying themselves. It wasn't as if Paul had better suggestions, either. He just wanted to drink his fancy beers and talk all night. Didn't he realize that people wanted to do something when they came over?


Stupid Wix keeps fucking up.

See you tomorrow.

I certainly hope this guy got adopted. He was from a story I did a few years ago for Echo.

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