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Entry date: 10-16-2023 – Rats – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

What a fun ending to a weekend full of rest and relaxation. Amyl & The Sniffers brought the rock to Van Buren last night (I should write a review for the long-ignored review page here, I know). It was high energy and great to spend the evening with awesome friends. Dinner at Pomo was excellent, too, and certain people should not spoil me so much, but it is highly appreciated.

We had a fun Living Room Collective jam, too. Making music with those guys is always surprising and for five dudes sitting down, relaxing, and making music, what we come up with is pretty darn cool if I say so myself. I headed over there after having a wonderful visit with my grandmother. Granny was in good spirits and seemed to like the new home she is in.

I’m not sure what went so down hill at the last place, but my mom said they were not giving her the same level of care as she was initially receiving so I think they made a good move. It’s really nice, a bigger room, and according to Granny, a much more comfortable bed.

Time to make some donuts at work, I suppose.


Two rats shared our lives.

I never knew their names.


I think they were “Lettuce” and “Be” or

Maybe “Lettuce” and “Pray.”

Either way, they lived with us.

Yesterday they died with us.

One died of old age

And one died of a broken heart.

They had distinct little rat personalities, too.

One was playful and wanted to explore.

The other was timid and wanted to hide.

I think Mr. Playful died first.

That was Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

I buried him.

TQ and I held a brief funeral.

They were her rats, really.

Tiny shackling gifts from Dev.

Expensive gifts, too.

Rats can eat.

This morning, the shy guy

Looked like he was sleeping

But I knew what it was.

His heart broke.

That’s not a joke.

I’ll bury him, too.

We’ll say a few words.

We’ll remember their tiny, kind faces

And weird little hands.

I won’t miss their tails.

Rat tails are definitely weird.

Too big for such a small body.

Too wide at the butt.

No pun intended or implied.

The pigment was shiver inducing.

There is no denying, though,

Two souls have left our house.

Godspeed, rat boys.

Forgive us for our lack of understanding.

One-way conversations over apple treats no more.


See you tomorrow.

For some reason, this windmill from Texas seems like a good image for today.

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