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Entry date: 10-19-2023 – Exactly No Thoughts Allowed – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

A birthday lesson I got from yesterday was no matter how easy you can make it for someone, if they don’t want to use their brain, they will not use their brain. You can show them how to do something, you can walk them through it standing next to them, they can even articulate that they understand, then when you turn them loose, they have no idea what to do.

Of course, I am talking about bandmates.


Not really. Right now, I have amazing bandmates. One band is coming to a close, but those guys are still amazing, and I hope we make music together for a long, long time when the mood strikes. My Hillbilly bandmates are awesome, too. The Living Room Collective is also something way better than I could ever imagine.

I’m sure I will have amazing band/project mates in the future, too, but I was referring to my students. They were so nice to me on many levels yesterday. I even got some really thoughtful gifts. One of my students got me a nice polo shirt in size small.

We have been going over division for a few weeks now and some of the kids just don’t want to get it. It’s so frustrating. There are some really good, useful ways to learn division, too, but they just won’t use their freakin’ minds. I have to beg the kids to think.

For my steady readers, this is me beating a dead horse. The poor carcass is pummeled. I shouldn’t treat ol’ Rex’s dead horse body like that, I know. It just never sinks in to me that some people don’t want to think.

Why would you not want to think? These are kids with good brains, too. Useful brains. Mischievous brains. They are thinking, for sure, but when you ask them to figure something out or, for Pete’s sake, use a learning tool to solve a problem, fuggedaboutit.

Today will be another day, though. Maybe today they will think.


Prediction: Today the Diamondbacks will inch one step closer to being swept by Philadelphia. It was a nice run by the young dudes, and it will be the closest they will get to another World Series, but their pitching will fail them. I say closest they will get because Kendrick will never spend the money to make this team competitive on a regular basis. Right now, they need pitching badly and their budget is not going to afford them the arms they need.


I’m so thankful, too, for the outpouring of love I got yesterday. I am a lucky man and I have the best friends. I appreciate them all.

I appreciate you, too, dear reader.


Birthdays are like assholes.

Birthdays are like fingernails.

When you don’t have one, it hurts.

When you are an asshole, no one wishes you

A sincere happy birthday.

Don’t be an asshole

And candles will be yours to blow.


That’s terrible.

See you tomorrow.

I miss LZ.

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David Lathrop
David Lathrop
Oct 20, 2023

Glad we got the pitching yesterday!

Replying to

Totally unexpected. Hopefully they get more today!

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