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Entry Date: 2-11-2023 - Saturday Night's All Right - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

The weekend is finally here. This past week hit me like a ton of bricks. Between the show on Wednesday, work, visits from I was pretty beat by the time I sat down and relaxed last night.

Once again, my students were just bouncing off the walls this week. I know I have touched on this, but I am not convinced that some of them could get out of their own way if their lives depended on it. I feel like a broken record. I have to remind myself, though, that the honeymoon is over and I'm seeing the real kids now.

The good thing is that I really like all of them. There isn't one that I just don't jive with or wish was not in the class. I feel very lucky because that has not always been the case in previous years. I got a nice compliment yesterday from one of the instructional coaches. She said I had the classroom management down and it was clear I had put in the work.

She also gave me some really great constructive criticism how I can improve my lessons and I feel like I got leveled up a few notches. I can't wait to put her advice into practice. That was a nice way to end the week. I also was able to get a bunch of prep done before I left because everyone was in a huge hurry to get off campus. I don't mind working a bit longer than most because I have a nice short drive home.


I am not sure what to think of the Suns right now. Like every other fan, I can't wait to see Kevin Durant in a Suns uni and breaking down defenses. When he gets it rolling, he's almost unstoppable.

My dad and I had a good chat about the trade and such yesterday, too, when I was on my ride home. It was good to chew the fat about the team for a while and connect. It was hard to watch some of the game last night and not see Cam Johnson or Mikal Bridges in the lineup.

It will be cool to see the other new dudes, too. I don't know much about the kid the Suns got from Oklahoma City (Darius Bazely) except that he is supposed to be pretty decent on D and has some nice size. They needed to get a bit more athletic at the backup 4 and they definitely did that. I will miss Dario, though. I could see him coming back as a free agent.

TJ Warren is a good scorer. I hope he can bring some firepower off the bench and take some of the pressure of the other guys. I'd like to see them pick up one more scorer in the buyout market. We shall see. I know it is not a popular opinion, but I would love to see them take a chance on Russell Westbrook if he gets bought out.

I'm probably crazy, but he could be a wild card for them. Maybe he would be motivated to win a championship? I don't know. It's such a wild card with the new owner. We don't know how he operates yet.


Show tonight at Chopper John's on Indian School. Liam is going to play a few more songs. I can't wait. Hopefully there will be a good crowd.

See you tomorrow!

I wish this kid the best. I hope he makes his way back here, but more importantly, I hope his body holds up and he can really establish himself as a star. He's got the tools.

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