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Entry date: 3-29-2023 - Whatever is Clever - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I was beating my head against the wall for a bit. Nothing new or major, just dealing with students who are adverse to the words "self" and "control" being used together. This was during the afternoon hours and they were on a role for being noisy and rude. This was also after I got praise from one of my admins about how much they have changed.

The ability to change is a good thing. The ability to learn from our mistakes is another good thing. These are also painful things, too, especially when you start changing something you have done for your whole life after you realize it is bad for you.

I was hoping, yesterday, that some of my students would get the hint that a little change would be good for them, but I'm guessing my hints fell on deaf ears. They are ready to be done. In a way, I am ready, too, but I still want to finish the year strong and prepare myself for next year while I'm at it.

We shall see.


It is strange, but I found myself thinking about the Mary story a lot yesterday. Not so much about any particular aspect, but about filling the void that writing about Mary for an indeterminant time each day has left to be filled. I guess I'm going to have to start another story or, maybe, use this style of storytelling to add a few paragraphs to one of last year's unfinished ones.

Either way that I go, I will be heading down the fiction lane again very soon. I did decide that last night I would just chill and try to get a good night's sleep. As I have mentioned, allergies have been kicking my ass a bit. One of the fun things that has come of it has been that my head and sinus cavities are quite painful these days and when they are fully acting up, it spreads to my neck.

Several years ago, I got diagnosed with having a degenerative neck issue. I chalk it up to years of banging my head, but whatever the cause, it makes it very tough for me to sleep comfortably. Each year, I seem to have more residual neck pain, too. I can stretch it out to relieve some of the discomfort, but when the sinuses are kicking in, watch out. Everything above my shoulders is just going through one, massive, revolt.


There is a chance that Kevin Durant plays tonight. I sure hope he does. I really want to get excited about the Suns again.

See you tomorrow, peeps.

I used to really enjoy this movie. It's been a while, though. Maybe I should watch it again.

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