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Entry date: 4-1-2022 - April Fools Day - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I have no elaborate April Fools Day post for you. I’m not much one for practical jokes, even though I love to laugh. Rhondi loves nothing more than to jump out and scare me, so I tend to leave that sort of thing up to her. I feel like I have played a few decent practical jokes in my time, but I think I’ve already mentioned a few of them in previous blogs. I’ve been trying to think of a good practical joke for my class today, but I’m not coming up with anything that is appropriate.

If it were blaze of glory time, which is an expression I like to use for those moments when your job is coming to an end and you just don’t give a fuck, I might do something like pretend I have accidentally cut my own throat and spray fake blood over the whole class. I could eat a huge meal of something very colorful and then drink a bottle of Ipecac. Those would be memorable and not a bit scarring because it would just be a joke and I would stop vomiting or show the class it was just fake blood and say, “April fool!”

These would be wrong, of course, and I would probably be reprimanded, to which I would hope they would then say, “April Fool” and fire my ass because those would be terrible things to do to children. Sadly, though, they wouldn’t fire me. There is such a terrible teacher shortage that I would probably just get something like, “Creative” written in my file.

I know that at least one of my students will go too far tomorrow and tears will be shed in the name of April fools. I’ve spoken to a few teachers who are very concerned about what might take place in their rooms tomorrow. Some of these kids do not know what funny actually is sometimes. Maybe I should up some blank referral forms and get ready to pass them out.


What an interesting week this has been, though. The end of March was eventful. I got some writing done and did three interviews. One of the interviews was with Jon Spencer, formerly of the Blues Explosion and Pussy Galore. He’s a sweet dude and the conversation was great. I really look forward to the show at the end of April with Quasi.

The other two interviews are, I hope, the cherry on top of a piece I’ve been working on for the past year. I interviewed two doctors with interesting opinions on medical usage of cannabis and hemp. I’ve shared, with a few of you, the story I’m working on, and it relates to water soluble cannabis and hemp. This invention has the potential to really change the way people absorb the beneficial parts of these plants.

I will spend a good part of the weekend revising my story and turning it in to New Times. I suppose this means we are going to need some artwork, as well. That’s going to be an additional pain in the buttocks, as Forrest Gump would say. I’m glad I don’t have to do too much there except help arrange the photo shoot. When the story comes out, you’ll understand why this was a long, sometimes frustrating ordeal.


The Suns game on Thursday night took some time off my life. I am getting so spoiled by this team and how they have been in control of games at the end that it was hard to watch them come so close to a loss. With the playoffs looming, and even the game tonight with Memphis, losses are going to happen. I feel like this is the best team they had since I can remember and if they don’t win it all this year, it is going to be a huge disappointment.

I remember being really excited about some of the teams Charles Barkley was on, too. There were some major disappointments in those years, but they also had to overcome the Bulls when they went to the finals in 1993. It was a more digestible loss, I suppose, than it may be this year when I truly believe the Suns are the best team in the league. A Suns/Warriors series will be brutal. So will a Suns/Clippers series and I don’t even know what to think of a Suns/Grizzlies series.

The thing that I keep trying to wrap my brain around is the feeling that I don’t think anyone can beat the Suns four times in a seven-game series. Sure, injuries could happen that would change things, but that can happen to any team. I can already hear the excuses others might make if the Suns stay relatively healthy in the playoffs. I don’t understand why people just can’t say, “Damn, the Suns are really good.”


I’ve been on a bit of a sobriety kick and I like it. Last week I didn’t feel good at all and the idea of having a puff or drinking a beer just didn’t even sound good. Now I’m almost two weeks in and I don’t see it changing any time soon. I suppose I will want to alter myself at some point, but for now, who knows? With a few good rock and roll shows coming up, the urge may come to have a celebratory beer. We shall see.


I’ve been watching Euphoria’s second season on HBO. Holy batshit crazy teenagers, Batman. I’m halfway through and each show just sort of guts me. It’s like driving passed a fatal car accident. You just can’t not look.

Speaking of Batman, I saw it last Sunday. The Batman, that is. I enjoyed it. I don’t ever expect much out of superhero movies. I like them a lot and I like the fact that they are based on comic books. I thought Robert Pattinson did a good job, as did Matt Reeves, who directed the film. It had a nice pace for a movie that is almost three hours long. I hope they do a few more because I’d like to see some of the characters develop.

Hope y’all had a nice week and have an even better weekend.

See you tomorrow.

Seems appropriate for today even though it is from a few months ago. Photo by Rhondi.

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