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Entry date: 4-12-2022 - Catching up on Life - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I’ll get back to the fiction soon enough. I wonder if any of you picked up on the connections between Bukake Culkin and Noisy World? I’m building something, a world perhaps. We shall see where this takes us. One of the interesting things, in making this up as I go along, I have realized my memory for details I am creating is not great. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of inconsistency, so I apologize. That will get fixed in editing.

I probably need to make an excel spreadsheet of my character details. How do authors do this? If you’ve written a fiction book, please message me and let me know how you keep track of your folks. I’d appreciate it.

I’m a few days behind, but what a nice weekend out here in the Valley of the Sun. Last Friday we had a nice dinner with friends at The Main Ingredient. It was so good to see everyone. If you are not familiar with The Main Ingredient on 7th Street and Sheridan, you should be. Perhaps I should write a review. It will be a bit biased because I love the place, but I’ll be honest.

After we left and picked up Teresa from her school activity, we dropped Michael off so he could get some Asian food. When we got home, I turned on the end of the Suns game and watched their killer comeback win over the Jazz. It was a nice little statement from the best team in basketball that Utah is not in their league this year. Sunday night’s game was not as nice, but it was fun to watch the guys who don’t get to play as much get some time on the court.

This week will give the Suns a much-needed break to rest, practice, and focus on the work ahead. I enjoyed seeing the Dbacks lose three of four to the Padres and it really should have been four of four, but they got lucky last Thursday night. I’ve grown to despise them, thanks to their owner, Ken Kendrick. I think I’ve chronicled that hate here already, but I’ll say it again. He donated money to that crazy Rep from Colorado, Boebert.

I’ve switched my allegiances to the Red Sox, and they blew two of three to the Yankees. Yuck. I wish there was better access to their news here but soon enough I will be in Maine for a bit.

Saturday was a nice day, too. We got a nice walk in first thing, then I went to play horseshoes at the American Italian Club on 12th street, just south of Northern. My buddy Rick turned me onto it. It’s a nice group of people and horseshoes is a lot of fun. I have yet to be on the winning side of the shoes, but it’s still a good time. The weather was perfect.

When I got home, Rhondi and I ran some errands, along with Liam for part of the errands, and then I took a nap. It was probably the early morning walk and the bloody Mary at horseshoes that did me in, but it was nice. After the nap, we went over to have dinner with my father-in-law, Doug, and were joined by my dad, my stepmom, and Michael.

Rhondi has discovered this pasta sauce, TRUFF, that is pretty fantastic. She made a wonderful pasta dish and grilled up some sausages we got at the store that were delicious, too. Everybody had a full belly, and we laughed a lot, sitting outside and enjoying the Phoenix Spring weather. It is so great to have Michael back in town. I wish Tracey would get here, but I’ll enjoy the extra time with him while I can get it. I’m glad he got to meet Doug and my dad and stepmom, too. I thought they had met before, but maybe not.

On Sunday, we took another early walk and then Rhondi and I cranked out a bunch of work on our backyard. This is not something I typically enjoy, but once you get going and you can see the fruit of your labor, I get into it. Rhondi is way more motivated to do stuff around the house than I am, but I’m working on it. It makes her happy and, to be honest, I am starting to see the joy in it, too.

I think I’ve always seen pulling weeds, for example, as a punishment. Maybe it is a punishment, in a way, from the universe, or maybe we should just embrace the weeds as (fucking) nature. I don’t know that I have the energy to get philosophical on pulling or embracing weeds today, but I hate them. I pulled a shit ton of them on Sunday, though, and still feel it in my arms today as I type. The backyard looks a lot better, though.

We are getting our grass going again back there. We had it going nicely over ten years ago and then I decided to get a ramp and put the ramp kind of right in the middle of the grass. I think Rhondi is just now kind of forgiving me for that. I was going through some sort of mid-life crisis in those days. I’ll dive into that at some point when I am much braver and ready to bare that dark alley of my soul.

After we took a well-deserved break on the patio while I cleaned the mud and cat litter (long story) out of my shoes, we had a nice relaxing afternoon before heading over to Tom and Renee’s for some beer and Mexican food. It was a really nice way to end the weekend. I missed out on watching the season finale of Billions because I fell asleep around 7:30pm. I’ll get to it, though. There was not a lot of media consumed over the weekend, unless you count a bit of sports and the Bill Maher show.

Filler episode, complete. Ministry, Melvins, and COC tonight. Expect a review...

See you tomorrow.

A license plate we saw over the weekend. Picture by Rhondi on my phone because I am not a good picture taker.

Fascinating things...

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