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Entry date: 4-2-2023 - Lazy Sunday - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I have been very lazy this weekend. I need to write some New Times stuff and I am just not motivated to write like that right now. I have learned to listen to my inner slacker a little too well. It's just not going to flow at the moment and that's okay, the slacker says.

In a little while, I will head for the grocery store to procure some chips and salsas for today's garden party. Kan Jam is happening over at the J's house and all will be splendid. I am looking forward to seeing some friends and relaxing the afternoon away.

Yesterday, we were supposed to play a show but I opted out of it. I know how my vocal chords react to this stuff....

and fucking Wix just erased about 30 minutes of work on THE BET....


I'm done with this for today.

See you tomorrow.

Fuck you, Wix. You are not my friend right now.

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