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Entry date: 5-1-2022 - Another Fun-Filled Random Thought Day - Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Note: Four months down. 1/3 of the year in the can. Roughly 125,000 words. I have a book worth! Yay.

Random thoughts day again. If anyone is watching Shining Vale, I have to say I love its weirdness. I’m about six episodes in and I’ve really enjoyed the ride so far. Courtney Cox doesn’t seem to ever disappoint, and Greg Kinnear is always good, too. The younger folks who play the kids are awesome as well. Watch it if you like absurd horror comedy.

It sucks that this show is most likely over for good. I was reading about the ratings it received and it was terrible. I guess, in a way, it will be fitting. I’m always saying to Rhondi that we can’t have nice things and lately, when I like the humor of a show, they usually don’t last long. Wait, what does that say about my sense of humor?

We can assume certain things are final at the conclusion of the last episode of Shining Vale. If those assumptions are true, then where would they go in the next season. I’d still like to see more of this story, for sure, and with the writing as clever as it was, I’m sure they could figure out a way to make whatever happens next work.


The Suns…wow. I was talking mad shit on Twitter on the 22nd and then they pulled it out. The game on the 24th (game four, if you’re counting) was another pile of fresh garbage. I didn’t have a clue what would happen last Tuesday, but they pulled it out and finished it in game six. A week ago, I didn’t know who the team was and that sucked.

The worst part of the whole thing has been that several guys who are very important to the Suns just did not show up in this series. They have to be able to take care of business, in Elvis’ honor, at home. They can’t let the referees get in their heads. The Suns get no respect from the refs at all, but that’s been all season.

I look forward to this Dallas series coming up tomorrow. I think the Suns, barring injury, will take it to the Mavericks pretty well. I just don’t think the Mavericks have enough to match up with the Suns right now and Ayton will dominate. My prediction is a Suns sweep.


I know I reviewed it on the reviews page, but I also have to say that Viagra Boys were just amazing. It’s been a long time since a new band has blown me away live like that. What a great couple of Thursdays for live music in the last two weeks. Viagra Boys and The Chats were both sofa king good. Very different kinds of bands but just killer. It’s these types of things that make me want to play more music.

I remember seeing the Dirt Clods open for TSOL in 1985. It was my first show, and they were having so much fun on stage. I knew I wanted to be up there and eventually, I got there. Seeing the Chats made me want to write a bunch of tightly wound songs and Viagra Boys made me want to just be a singer in a band. I haven’t done that for a long, long time. Music is such a powerful force. I love how inspiring going to a good show or listening to a great song can be.


I’m bummed that I missed going to see Bob Log play last week. I haven’t seen Bobby play in a long time, and he used to be a good friend. I’m sure we are still friends to some degree, but I’ve not supported his music in way too long. I could tell some pretty salacious stories (not really) about him. It was just fun to write that. For those paying attention, I did include him in the Bukake Culkin story. Maybe the fictional version of him will show up again.

I missed seeing Danny and Lucas, too. The Pork Torta are always fun, but a school night is tough and with having gone out on two consecutive Thursdays, I just couldn’t justify a third. Plus the Suns were clinching their series that night and a couple buddies came over to watch. Next time, gents, next time.


This makes me think of how I met Bobby, Danny, and the rest of the Brophy boys back in high school that went on to make some excellent music. My friend, KJ, was friends with all these guys and she took me to a party that one of them was having at some point in 1986 or 87. I remember going into the situation thinking that they were going to be typical Brophy assholes and probably strapped on a bit of attitude before getting there.

After the initial “who the fuck are you?” thing happened, it was great to see what a cool bunch of dudes they were. Over the years, I’ve had some amazing times with those guys. When the majority of those guys relocated down to Tucson and got their bands going, it was so fun to go down there and hangout with them, see Mondo Guano play or the Napkins or Doo Rag. When Danny and Nicole lived in Tempe, there were some great parties.

I especially remember one that was a winter formal. It must’ve been the winter of 1988 and we were all dressed up and having a blast at their place off Lemon in Tempe. At some point in the night, Danny and Nicole decided to switch outfits, so they came downstairs and spent the rest of the night dressed as each other. I was very entertained by this and thought Danny looked quite fetching in Nicole’s mod dress. When time travel is available, I would very much like to go back and watch that party again.

As mentioned above, I don’t get to see or talk to them very often, but I hope they all know they are still near and dear to my heart. I still have my Mondo Guano cassette and a 7” record. Good stuff. I wish I had a recording of the Napkins. If anyone does, I’d love a copy. Someday I will tell the story of the Napkins staying with KJ and I in Berkeley.

See you tomorrow.

Random picture:

This tower scares the shit out of me. Something about it just gives me the willies. It's at the top of Bald Mountain, which is in Oquossoc, Maine. I love the hike and when I get to the top, the tower taunts me. It's a great view. Last year I got up there and took some pictures, so we'll see how I feel about it this year. It's weird how some heights bother me and others don't. I loved being at the top of the Empire State Building and also the former Sears tower in Chicago, but this fucker...maybe it is how it reminds me of my old GI Joe tower from when I was a kid.

Here's a link to some Mondo Guano:

And some Napkins:

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