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Entry date: 5-19-23 – Curing in Glendale – Letters to My Friends

Dear friends,

Last night the Cure were amazing. I took Teresa for her birthday, and we had a blast. The show was over two and a half hours long. There were many revelations…

Surprisingly, I was excited to see this show. Sometimes I forget how big of a fan of the Cure I am. Granted, I don’t know a big chunk of their catalog because I expanded my own horizons quite a lot between the time I was turned on to them and now, but every song last night was good to great.

Teresa was stoked, too, so we had a nice ride out in the rain and found a parking spot in the neighborhood about a quarter of a mile away from the venue. We met a mom and her daughter who were walking to the show, too, and had a nice conversation.

During the show, we ran into some friends and ended up just a few rows behind Lance and Amy. It was great to see them. Everyone was in a good mood, at least the handful we interacted with, but there seemed to be smiles on all the faces.

It was a well-rounded crowd, too.

It seemed like every age group except those under 10 was well represented. Punk, mods, freaks, geeks, cheers…all the gears. Every walk of life was there, and festivity was in the air. How rad to be a member of a band that so many people dressed richly in black love so much that they drop their pretentiousness and just have fun.

This will have to be a two-parter as I am exhausted.

Happy Friday all.

See you tomorrow.

Not the best shot...

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