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Entry date: 6-2-2023 – Friday I’m In Love – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

It’s been a real joy to see social media posts from my friends who have gotten to see the Cure play on their recent tour. Everyone says basically the same thing: The Cure are amazing, and the set was killer. Even I enjoyed hearing “Friday I’m In Love” live and I never really embraced that song.

Today I am in love with the idea of relaxing. We (Rick, Michael, Dad and I) played some golf yesterday and that was a lot of fun. Not my best round ever, but I kept reminding myself that I was out on the course with three of the best dudes I know and how far or straight my ball went was not nearly as important as breathing in the moment and reminding myself that even when life seems tough, it can still be very, very good.

These are tough days. I feel like I am trying to manufacture ways to relax around the times I am driving the kids to and from work. I appreciate that Ashton helps when she can, but I’m running out of TV shows to watch to keep me awake until Liam gets off at night. Maybe I should go skateboarding…or someplace where I can get inspired to write the next story.

Maybe I should go back to some of the stories and dive in again. The Trees is calling, but I think that is for Maine. The next part of the story takes place in Maine and I kind of feel like I need to be in Maine to write that bit. It’s been almost eight months since I have been there. Three weeks from today I will head back.


You’re so stubborn!

She spat the words at him like they were candy nails

And her tongue was a hungry hammer.

Sugar is not nearly as sweet as the way she looks at him.

Thump, thump, thump they landed around his heart.

The grouping was surgical. He couldn’t breathe

But the ground was still under his feet.

Was he really stubborn? He thought not

But the words still stung.

He clung to the idea of doing the right thing.

Every day. But the right thing was

Not always the easiest thing.

Thump, thump, thump.

Another cluster of words stamped into his skin

with permanent ink. Tattoos of yesterday

and messages of promises for today and tomorrow.

Sleep tonight will see two dreams:

One of fire and sun and one under the moon.

Each will make him see her again.

Stubborn yet still alive.

Stubborn until … until he dies.


It was nice, earlier today, to run some errands with the kid. We didn’t have to be anywhere at any particular time, and we just loafed around the store a bit. Dinner preparations were procured and, at the very least, we will eat all right this weekend. I’m going to make some hamburgers tonight, I think.

Happy Friday, good people.

See you tomorrow.

Sometimes I take the strangest pictures.

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