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Entry date: 6-9-2023 – Cherubs, Man – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Tonight, I get to go see Cherubs perform at Yucca Tap Room. This is a treat, for sure, and something I’ve waited a long time for. I think they were supposed to play here right around the time the pandemic hit, if I remember correctly, but I can’t remember them ever coming to Phoenix before.

Cherubs are one of the Texas noisy, weirdo bands that was first brought to my attention in the early 90s. I got their first two albums and played the hell out of them in those days. I think they disbanded for a while, but a few years ago they came back with a vengeance and put out some killer material, as if they hadn’t missed a beat.

One of the dudes was in one of my other favorite bands of the time, Ed Hall, who were also from Texas, so I immediately liked them. It’s funny how that type of thing works. Back in the days before the internet and being able to instantly hear just about any band, you had to trust that a band was going to be good based on who they were friends with or what bands the members had previously been in.

I’ve been hearing how great they are live, so I’m stoked to be going to the show tonight. I shall definitely report back on how it went tomorrow. All I know is that if they play "Little Candy Hearts" I will freak the fuck out.


Had some quality time with the dudes yesterday, again, including my dad. We played golf and it was effin’ gorgeous outside. Our tee time was just before 6pm and with clouds and such, it was 88 degrees outside. Perfectly comfortable and a good time was had by all.

It’s certainly been nice to hit some golf balls with my dad. Life moves so quickly sometimes you just don’t realize how important some simple, quiet time is with the people you love. I think Rick and Michael have been getting a kick out of getting to know Dad a bit better, too, so I hope we can keep it going. I’m guessing next Thursday will be a bit warmer.

I’m excited to keep my game tuned up while in Maine, too. There are a couple of fun courses near the house, so I’ll be hitting them at least once or twice while I am there. It won’t be as cheap as the public courses are in Phoenix right now, but they are certainly pretty and playing in the woods is a fun challenge.


I was supposed to see Granny today, but she was too ill. It breaks my heart a little bit. A lot, really, if I am being honest. My mom sounded as if she was in tears as she was telling me that Granny was not up for a visit today. I’m kind of resigning myself to the idea that I may not get another chance to see her or talk to her again.

I’m trying not to let that bum me out too much. I have very pleasant memories of the conversations with Granny that will last me for as long as they need to do so. It’s just that I need her to know how much I love and care for her. I hope she knows it.

I hope she knows that I have no hard feelings or ill will. She and I had a few harsh words over the years, but I think those things are all forgiven and as close to forgotten as possible. They are on my end. I hope she knows that I just love her.

Some day I will probably write a lot more about our relationship, but not now. I know I have mentioned this (one or twelve times) before. Lots to unpack there and right now I don’t have the strength. I’m just going to focus on hoping she is not in any pain and is able to be comfortable.


See you tomorrow.

From the days when I thought I might be a visual artist. I am not a visual artist.

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