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Entry date: 9-12-2023 – Weird Day – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

I’m sure that I have had weirder days than yesterday.

Push. Pull. Stop.

I’m sure I have seen stranger things, too.

Like a baby being born or smoke coming out of my balls.

Those two things are more related than I intended.

Yesterday, the primitive brain said, “Hi.”

“Stop doing so much thinking.”


Primitive brain then was quiet.

Like a mouse.

Quiet but pesky.

Small and mighty.

Like a tiny house.

Remember when that was everyone’s goal.

Go small.

Hey, I’m tall.

It was like everyone got on this roll.

Tiny houses for all.

Miniature urban sprawl.

‘Til somethin’ else cooler came to call.

Steve Martin. I stole from Steve Martin.

“Hey, I’m tall, I’m tall.”

He did that joke about “Getting Small” years ago.

I love that one.

I understood it.

After watching people get high when I was young.

After watching people try to make sense when I was young.

It looked fun.

And it is.

Yesterday was not as weird as right now.

It never is.

Maybe was.



I got kicked off Twitter. I posted about it on social media, too. I don’t know why, but I am kinda proud. I’m kinda shocked, too. Violent speech. Apparently, you can’t talk about stringing up a petulant manbabillionaire. String him up by his balls.

In a way, I’ll miss the sports news on there. I’ll miss seeing posts by people who I enjoy. I’ll miss trying to piss people off. Now I can’t post stuff I write there, either. Oh well.

I had a few brushes with people I enjoy watching on TV there. Henry Winkler responded very nicely when he tweeted about being on a layover at Sky Harbor and I asked him to lunch. That was my all-time favorite celebrity interaction. I got a response from Rob Morrow, too, about something I said regarding Northern Exposure. That was nice.

The gal who plays “Judy” on The Righteous Gemstones, Edi Patterson, tweeted a thank you to me when I tweeted that she was the funniest woman on TV. I also got a response from Melanie Lynskey to something I shared about being on the soundtrack to Yellowjackets.

It was certainly fun to have those kinds of interactions. Tons of musicians have responded to things or shared what I wrote. I’ll miss those interactions. Hopefully it will cool over at Blue Sky. I’m going to tive that a try.

I’m not sorry I talked about wanting to string up Elon by his balls, but I’m shocked at the things other people get to say do way more damage. I told them that when I requested that they close my account. I’m in some sort of stupid and sophomoric Tweeters Detention.

Bye Twitter.


See you tomorrow.

Proud moment.

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