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Entry date: 9-19-2023 – Tuesday Welding – Letters to My Friends

Dear Friends,

At some point, you just have to let it all hang out, according to my Aunt Julie, if you want to live to be 100. She works at an assisted and independent living facility here in town and she was telling us at dinner last night about an interview she just saw with an expert on centenarians. It was kind of fascinating to hear that the one common thread with people who make it to a century is that they aren’t the type of people to get hung up on aging and the effects of aging on the body.

So let it all hang out people and accept your fate. If you stay alive, you will get older. End of story.

TQ and I had dinner with my mom, aunt, stepdad, cousin Mitch and his husband, Johnny. It was a really nice way to end a decent day (no students put boogers on each other, and behavior was not too bad at all). We had a lovely conversation and mom made some delicious food. I don’t even remember the last time I was over there for dinner, too, which is odd in and of itself.


When you get tired

Your brain stops being a brain.

It becomes something else.

An annoying twat, sometimes,

And a helpless dolt, others.

Your brain is not your friend

When it decides that bedways is rightways.

Like two sworn enemies,

Arguing with each other

As if they were siblings

With revenge on the mind.

Sleepy brain and busy brain,

Tussling over the crumbs of your day.

Waning and waxing

And attacksing.

Your thought process is always the victim

If there is no one close by to blame.


Don’t get in the way or you’ll pay.

In one way

Or another.

Sleepy brain always wins in the end.


Keeping it brief today.

See you tomorrow.

Nice morning sky.

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